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Everything you need to know about home inspections

Whether you are planning to refinance your home or sell it outright, chances are that it will need to be looked over by a home inspector. A home inspection is an important part of refinancing your home. The value of your home can rise and fall based on factors such as its condition, age and location, and it is very possible that its value has either appreciated or depreciated since it was first built. A home inspection can help you determine the current value of your home and whether you will be able to refinance or sell it at a reasonable price.


What Does a Home Inspector Look For?

A home inspection can take on different forms. The simplest home inspection can involve little more than having the inspector drive by your home and take photographs of the exterior. This of course can be done very quickly and doesn't require access to your home. These inspections will look for issues involving the state of your home's exterior such as its siding, its doors and windows and the state of the yard. Curb appeal is a major factor in determining a home's value, so these quick drive-by inspections should never be discounted.


A more thorough inspection will require the inspector to enter your home and get a closer look at its interior. This will require your, the homeowners, permission so in most cases these inspections have to be performed while you are present. As one would expect, these inspections can reveal far more about your home than a simple photograph of the exterior. Inspectors will be expected to look at the building's foundation, insulation quality, roof support structure, the plumbing system and the electrical system, among other things. These inspections can also be useful in uncovering issues such as mold, water damage and anything else that could cause damage to a home or lower its value.


Many homeowners find home inspections to be stressful and even intrusive, but they are an important part of the refinancing process.w Some people will be happy to know that a thorough home inspection performed by a professional is much easier, faster and more insightful than many realize.