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Real Estate Investors

In today's real estate market, owning an investment property can provide many financial and personal benefits, including:
  • Rental opportunity. If you purchase an investment property close to local businesses, a popular commuting area, or vacation spot, this may be attractive to tenants and could create cash flow.
  • Ongoing income and cash flow. Your investment property may provide ongoing income to offset your expenses.
  •  Potential tax benefits. Mortgage and interest payments and property taxes may present the opportunity for tax advantages.

The problems the real estate investor is encountering  in today market is finding flexible financing with many lenders.  Summit Financial Mortgage offers special loan programs and products that is geared for the real estate investor who are interested in buying or refinancing an investment property.  Here are some of the benefits:
  • Purchase or Refinance a 1-4 unit investment property or condo
  • You can purchase or cash out up to 75% of the value of the investment property
  • Refinance programs available for investment properties where you home loan is higher than today's existing value
  • Great loan programs if you are self-employed
  • Fixed rate and Adjustable rate products with minimum credit scores
  • Loan program with no appraisal or mortgage insurance required

We also specialize in the following New Jersey Loan Programs: