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VA Loans

VA loans were created by the Veteran administration to help Veterans and their families own a home. VA loans are considered to be one of the premier loan programs available and for good reason. If you qualify you can own a home with no money down. Also VA loans have limitations on the amount of closing costs, origination fees and appraisal fees that can be charged. On top of that since the VA loans are backed by the Veterans Administration there is never any PMI or private mortgage insurance. You add that all up you can own a home for much less money with a VA loan.

At Summit Financial we are your Somerset County, Morris County and the rest of New Jersey VA loan experts. We have helped many Veterans and their families fulfill their home ownership dreams by taking advantage of this great loan program. You of course have to be a Veteran, active duty or family of someone who is serving or served. To find out more about the requirements, please visit our VA loan requirements page. Beyond the financial benefits of a VA loan they are also a lot easier to qualify for then a conventional loan. In fact surveys have shown that a majority of people who did qualify for a VA loan would of not qualified for a conventional loan program. If you’ve thought owning a home was out of your reach, think again. Contact us and we’ll see if a VA loan can help you purchase a home.

VA loans are not just for purchasing a home. They can also help you refinance your current home loan. The VA streamline refinance is a great refinance product. It works similarly to its name, it streamlines the refinance process. A VA streamline refinance has no out-of-pocket costs, and in some cases there is no appraisal or income verification required.  You also have a cash out option with a VA refinance to pull extra cash from the equity in your home, then use that cash in any way you’d like.

If you think a VA loan is right for you, please use our tools to let us know about your situation. We will then get back to you and show you your options with a VA loan:

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